Only One Perspective at all times, only you are truly at its Center:

A small Puzzle game about an eye called Ensio that changes the Perspective of its reality, utilizing the 2nd Dimension to Influence the 3rd.


WASD / arrows - move Or rotate 

Space - (Toggle) Shift your Perspective to look back at you in the 2nd Dimension / return to overview Perspective

Object Information (I ran out of time for a proper introduction to mechanics - sorry):

Red line Block - Goal, get to it to continue to the next level

Black Void - Instant level restart; no undo button sorry but shouldn't effect the flow of the game

Grey Blocks - Regular Floor or Obstacle

Red / Orange Block - This object Enforces its 3 Dimensionality on you and your 2D Perspective - it can block you even in the 2nd Dimension but you have priority... 

Note - If you experience sudden re-positioning of the player, its due to me not giving feedback on my part (again sorry), you most likely fell into the void and it restarted the level. There is also a bug where you can walk on air, apologies for that.

This is my First ever Game Jam and im still a beginner so please give honest feedback, unfortunately I lost a significant amount of time developing the mechanic than making the Art, there is no Sound, very little polish, bugs and the Puzzles / Tutorials are lightly curated. Ideas had to be shelved and I dont mind, this was a great experience and I hope you find something interesting about it. 

Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Physics, Pixel Art, Unity


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Very cool game! It took me a little time to wrap my head around using both perspectives, but I enjoyed the puzzles after I figured it out.

Not bad at all! :D I think that the biggest problem is  you have your move keys bound to what are traditionally the wrong buttons. But for a first game jam I am really impressed. Keep jamming! 

i knew the movement felt strange at times haha my bad, thank you!

No worries! You'll get it right next time for sure!